UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim student visit to UGM Physics Department

On Thursday, 16 May 2024, the Department of Physics UGM received a student visit from UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. This activity began with a welcoming ceremony from the Department of Physics UGM in the courtroom 1 of the Department of Physics, then continued with the presentation of the Masters study programme in the Department of Physics, namely the Physics Masters study programme.

The presentation of the Physics study programme was delivered by Mirza Satriawan, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D. as the head of the Physics Masters study programme. In his presentation, the students were given information about the Master of Physics study programme, a list of courses, lecture facilities, procedures for registering for study programmes, scholarships, alumni networks, career paths and others. The presentation of the study programme was completed followed by a question and answer session and the awarding of plaques.

Photographs of the activities in conference room 1 of the Department of Physics UGM

After the welcoming ceremony, the students continued with a lab tour at the Department of Physics UGM, namely the Material Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory and the Geophysics Laboratory. In this lab tour, the students were told what practicum and research activities were in each laboratory and what tools and equipment were used in each laboratory.

Photos – photos of lab tour activities (geoscience laboratory and fismatel laboratory) in the Department of Physics

With the visit of UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim, the Department of Physics as one of the departments in FMIPA UGM also supports SDGs Point – 4 (Quality Education) and Point 17 (Partnerships to Achieve Goals). This visit not only strengthens the relationship between the Department of Physics and the schools, but also becomes an opportunity for the Department of Physics to contribute directly to education at the secondary school level and community service.

Author : Fathan

Photos : Rafida dan Dina

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