Material Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory

Materials Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory 

(Material Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory at Department of Physics, Gadjah Mada University)

This laboratory was held for the development of the research in Condensed Matter both done in experimental and computational especially in magnetism and electronics both in soft and hard materials and also as functional materials and smart materials.This laboratory was also held for the development of the related instrument in the application of the materials as sensors for different purposes as well as the instrument to facilitate the testing of the materials. This Laboratory was also held to facilitate the research in materials for the undergraduates, the graduates, and postdocts.

Some research in synthesis of nanoelectronics and magnetics materials, as well as the ones based on liquid crystalline were established. To further develop the research, Laboratory maintains the cooperation and lingkage with other national Universities such as ITB and University of Indonesia, other National Research Institute such as LIPI and BATAN, and Foreign Universities sucha as Kyushu University, Kanazawa University, Kyoto University (Japan) and University of Putra Malaysia.

The laboratory utilizes the existing facilities in Gadjah Mada University such as SEM, TEM, XRD, UV-Vis Spectrometer, FTIR Spectrometer and other equipments.

Some researches that have been supported by the Research Grants from The Indonesian Government are:

  1. Theoretical and Computational studies of new artificial-functional materials for energy saving spintronics
  2. Development of Electronics Tounge and Taste For Drugs and Food identification
  3. Development of Metal Organic Supercapacitor
  4. Development of Biosensor based on Giant Magnetic Resonance and Surface Plasmon Resonance
  5. Development of Nano fiber for Energy and Environmental Application.


  1. Dr. Kamsul Abraha (Materials and Condensed Matter Physics, Solid State Physics, Computational Physics).
  2. Eddy Suharyadi (Spintronics, Nano magnetic materials, Giant Magnetic Resistance)
  3. Arifin Si, M.Si (Surface Plasmon resonance Instrumentation)]
  4. Harsojo M.Sc (Fibers for Functional Materials for Energy and Biomedic)
  5. Mohammad Adhib (Theoretical and Computational Spintronics)
  6. Kuwat Triyana (Electronic Tounge and Electronic Nose Instrumentation)
  7. Chotimah M.Si (Fibers for Sensor and Functional Materials for energy and Environment)
  8. Akhmad Kusumaadmaja M.S (fiber for sensor and functional materials)
  9. Yusril Yusuf (smart materials based on liquid crystal, fiber for functional materials)
  10. Darwis S.Si, M.S (theoretical condensed matter)


Some co-researchers form different Universites and or Departments in Gadjah Mada University have worked to gether in different topics research developed in Fismatel Laboratory such as

  1. Mineo Sato (University Kanazawa)
  2. Fumiyuli Ishi Univ. Kanazawa)
  3. Dr. Endang Soetarto (Faculty of Biology, UGM)
  4. Horoki Kotaka (Kyoto Univ.)
  5. Roto M.S (Dept. of Chemistry, UGM)
  6. Danang Lelono M.Si (Dept. of Electronics and Instrumentation, UGM)
  7. Bambang Prihandoko (Battery Laboratory, LIPI)


Yearly, there are about 6 Ph.D candidates and 25 master students were enrolled and enganged in different research topics in materials and instrumentation.

Laboratory Equipment Facilities

  • Main Equipment:
    • Thin Film Fabrication Tool: Vacuum evaporator, Spin coater, etc.
    • Characterization Tools: Nova-Blue (nano voltage ammeter analyzer), Ena-Blue (Electronic nose), Photoelastic stress, Pyranometer, Pyrometer, Perihelium, Surface Plasmon Resonance System
  • Supporting Equipment: Micro Hardness Tester, Tools set (Fiber cutting tool etc), Precision Position Controller, Chopper, Power Meter for Fibre, Gaussmeter, Storage Oscilloscope, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Electric Furnace (up to 1200 C), Tube Electric Furnace (up to 1200 C), Crystal Cutter, Precision Crystal Polisher, Crystal cutter, Microhardness, Polarizer microscope, Digital Scales, Optical Fiber System, Solar Cell Sytem, etc.

Implementation of lectures and practicum

  • Energy-gap Semi-conductor measurement, by measuring resistivity as a temperature function.
  • Energy-gap Semi-conductor measurement, by measuring diode current as temperature function.
  • Measurement of magnetic supseptibility with Gouy method
  • Hall fixed measurements and payload meetings
  • Temperature measurement Curie ferromagnet material
  • Measurement of copper wire fatigue point (cable)
  • Dielectric loss measurement

Research Group

  • Surface Physics and Its Applications (Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Kamsul Abraha)
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy (for biosensors)
  • Giant Dielectric Constant Material (for energy storage)
  • Intelligent Organic Materials and Their Applications (Coordinator: Dr. Kuwat Triyana)
  • Organic Optoelectronic Device (solar cells and sensors)
  • Olfaktori Electronic System and Intelligent System (for product quality control in the industry and
  • diagnosis of deep diseases)
  • Photodynamic Therapy based on Natural Ingredient Sensitizer (for cancer therapy)
  • Soft Smart Materials and Their Applications (Coordinator: Dr. Yusril Yusuf)
  • Liquid Crystal Elastomer (for artificial muscles)
  • Liquid Cryatal
  • SuperConductor (Coordinator: Dr. Harsoyo, S.U., M.Sc.)
  • Superconductivity at high critical temperatures

Laboratory Information

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Address:Complex FMIPA UGM Physics Building 3rd Floor, Sekip Utara Bls 21, Yogyakarta 55281