Basic Physics Laboratory

Basic Physics Laboratory serves The Basic Physics Practicum of Gasal Semester and Even Semester for Students of The Department of Physics and students from outside the Department of Physics, both from FMIPA and from outside FMIPA in the UGM environment.

Dharma Education and Teaching is carried out with an open ended practicum and collective practicum. Practicum open ended is carried out by the way students prepare the tools, conduct experiments and analysis independently, while the topic of practicum is given by the supervisor.

Regular practicum is carried out collectively, carried out as scheduled and guided by assistants and lecturers. This model practicum was attended by 1400 students in semester I and 800 students in semester II, who joined the Basic Physics Practicum group for students other than physics majors. Currently, Basic Physics Practicum is attended by students from various faculties. The faculties are Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Geography, Engineering, Agriculture, Agricultural Technology, Animal Husbandry, and Mathematics majoring in Chemistry and Mathematics.

Semi open-ended practicum, is a practicum espons with an emphasis on the independence of participants. Practicum models are evaluated with initial tests, practicums, journals, reports and esponse. Basic physics practicum for physics majors using semi open ended means.

The Basic Physics Service Unit also provides workshops on Basic Physics practicum and correct theory to high school students and lecturers from private universities. The unit also provides basic physics practicum tool manufacturing services, as well as producing practicum manuals and Basic Physics hand outs.

Laboratory Information

Contact person : Dr. Eko Sulistya, M.Si.

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Phone : 0274-6492380

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Address:Complex FMIPA UGM Physics Building 1st Floor, Sekip Utara Bls 21, Yogyakarta 55281