Vision, Mission and Objectives


In 2037 became a nationally superior and internationally leading department that developed physics and Geophysics for the welfare of the nation imbued with the nation’s cultural values based on Pancasila.

1. Developing international education in physics and geophysics by utilizing the most research results.
2. Conducting superior, innovative, and directed research in the field of physics and geophysics for the welfare of the nation in particular and humanity in general.
3. Carrying out community service by utilizing the most research results in the field of physics and geophysics to solve the problems of the nation and mankind.
4. Develop sustainable resources, organization and governance, and supporting facilities.


The goal is to become a superior Department in Indonesia with international achievements and reputation through:

1. Education in Physics and Geophysics is an international education that is charged cross-disciplinary, innovative, soft skills, and supported by cutting-edge information technology with postgraduate programs as backbone in producing graduates who are healthy, virtuous, confident, competitive, innovative and entrepreneurial, and responsible for nusa and

2. Research in the Field of Physics and Geophysics are Superior, Innovative and Directed, namely research in these areas that are environmentally sound, become national and international references, and can provide solutions to the problems of the nation and mankind, based on the excellence of human resources and nature and local wisdom by involving stakeholders in accordance with the faculty’s research plan.

3. Community Service excellence and innovative expertise-based expertise in the field of Physics and Geophysics, namely community service based on science, appropriate technology, and advocacy in the field, which is able to encourage the independence and welfare of the community in a sustainable manner, by making the campus as a vehicle for the application of science and technology innovation for the community, and applying a product development management system to support the elimination of research results.

4. Development of equitable, transparent, participatory, and accountable Resources, Organization and Governance to support the effectiveness and efficiency of resource utilization, based on integrated information technology systems to support the implementation of adaptive learning processes to Industry 4.0.

Strategy Plan of the Department of Physics, FMIPA UGM, 2018 – 2022 ( click the file here)

Road Map of the Department of Physics in the Road Map FMIPA UGM ( click the file here)

Achievement of Strategic Objectives of the Department of Physics, FMIPA UGM, 2018 – 2022 (click the file here)