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Greetings to all of us. Welcome to the Website of Physics Department. Hopefully you can get complete information related to the information you need. Department of Physics FMNS UGM has a vision: “The Department of Physics is world-class and innovative in education, research and development of physics, both fundamental and applied, as well as being a pioneer in the service of society, nation, country, and humanity”. Department of Physics FMNS UGM has three missions, namely: (1) Implementing and developing education activities S1, S2, and S3, (2) Implementing research and development activities of physics, both fundamental and applied, (3) Implementing activities of service and service to the community. The goal to be achieved by the Physics Department is the realization of the Physics Department as part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences UGM to become a superior Department in Indonesia with achievements and international reputation through:

  1. Quality higher education in order to produce excellent graduates (behavior, mental attitude, leadership) and competent (knowledge, skills, creativity in problem solving)
  2. The research is recognized as a national reference of international reputation, and able to answer problems in society, nation and country.
  3. Community Service that is able to encourage self-reliance and improve the quality of life of the community based on the excellence of Physics and Geophysics based on Pancasila to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. Good, effective, efficient and productive departmental governance based on participatory, accountable and transparent attitudes in resource utilization.
  5. Strategic, synergistic and sustainable cooperation with the support of campus communities, alumni, industry, government and society to develop organizational independence and network cooperation to improve positions at the global level.

To realize the vision and mission and achieve these goals, The Department of Physics organizes 4 study programs, namely Bachelor Program in Physics, Bachelor Program in Geophysics, Master Program in Physics And Doctoral Program in Physics. The four programs are supported by 4 laboratories, namely basic Physics Laboratory, Atomic and Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Material and Instrumentation Physics Laboratory, and Geophysical Laboratory. In the future, facilities improvement programs will continue to be developed for the advancement of researches in our Laboratory.

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Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh