Geophysical Laboratory


The Geophysics study program only has 1 (one) laboratory, namely Lab. Geophysics is managed directly under the Study Program, however, on a UGM scale, there are; Lab. Basic Physics, Lab. Structural Geology, Lab. Basic Geology, Lab. Geo-Environmental Management, etc. which are used by Geophysics Study Program students. In the following summary, the division of the main equipment in the Geophysics Lab is divided into study interest formats.

Geophysical Survey Equipment

  • PPM Geometrics
  • Resistivity Meter OYO
  • Resistivity Meter GF
  • Gravimeter
  • Seismic Datalogger 3 Channel
  • Seismic Datalogger 1 Channel
  • GPS Differential

Computational Geophysics Equipment and Software

  • Local Computer Server
  • High-Performance Computer
  • Network Connected PC Computer
  • Software Matlab
  • Software Paradigm
  • Software Microsoft Office
  • Software Focus ECHOS
  • Oasis Montaj
  • Progress
  • Mag2D
  • Grav2D
  • Magmap
  • Seisimager
  • Hampson Russel
  • Geopsy
  • Imagem
  • IPMT
  • IP2Win
  • Res2DWin
  • ArcGIS
  • Grabblox

Instrumentation / Equipment in the Classroom / Room

  • Function Generator
  • Oscilloscope
  • Electronics Tool Set
  • Wave Practicum Equipment Set
  • Electronics Practicum Set
  • Geoelectric Measurement Model
  • SP Measurement Glass Model
  • Volcano Eruption Model

Field Basecamp Facilities

  • Basecamp at Bayat Geological Station
  • Basecamp in Gunung Gajah Hamlet
  • Basecamp Rowo Jombor
  • Basecamp Pacitan Dusun Krajan, Kasihan, Tegalombo
  • Kelud Mountain Observation Post Basecamp
  • Karangsambung Geological Station Basecamp
  • Mount Bromo Observation Post Basecamp
  • Kamojang PGE Mess Basecamp

To fulfill library reference needs, students and lecturers can easily access references at the University, Faculty, and study program levels as well as access to digilib/e-journals. At the University level, an inherent digital library is provided which provides various information about the connected university library. The facilities provided are in the form of searching book catalogs, research results, and journals published locally. The i-Library portal runs on the inherent network platform so that searching for various collections of library materials can be accessed through one service door quickly and easily.
UGM academic community can access easily through ugm gateway (email address and password) many e-journals subscribed by Gadjah Mada University. Access can be done through the UGM internet network at the address

Journals subscribed by the UGM library ( can be accessed by all academicians at UGM with SSO (single sign-on) passwords owned by UGM academicians. This access makes it very easy for students and lecturers to search. The trend of journal subscriptions in the form of e-journals is considered more efficient and can have a broad impact on all academicians at UGM, not limited to hardcopy journals.

At the study program level, the number of book and journal collections is very complete and adequate, the number of textbooks: 1835 titles, Number of dissertations/theses/theses / final assignments: 858 titles, Number of accredited scientific journals: 3 titles, Number of international scientific journals: 15 titles, Number of Seminar Proceedings: 20 titles, number of scientific magazines: 2 titles. The number will be much greater at the faculty and even university library level.

Type Number of Title Number of Copy
Textbook 1835 1954
Accredited national journal 3 66
Internasional journal 15 1232
Prosiding 20 31
Bachelor Thesis 821 821
Disertation 37 37
Total 2690 4092