Undergraduate Thesis/Thesis Research Themes

Physics Research Theme 2022, Department of Physics, FMNS UGM

  • Moh. Adhib Ulil Absor, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D. : Computational Material Design for Spintronics and Energy Spin Conversion. Click here.
  • Dr. Bambang Murdaka Eka Jati, MS. : Magnetic Resonance and Medical Instrumentation. Click here.
  • Dr. Iman Santoso, S.Si., M.Sc. : Exploration of Electronic and Optical Properties of Two-dimensional Heterostructure Materials with Twisted: Spectroscopic and Computational Studies. Click here.
  • Prof. Drs. Gede Bayu Suparta, M.S., Ph.D. : Imagery Physics Research. Click here.
  • Dr.Sc. Ari Dwi Nugraheni, S.Si., M.Si. : Organic Materials and Their Applications in Food Packaging and The Environment. Click here.
  • Prof. Dr. Mitrayana, S.Si., M.Si. : Photoacoustic Imaging and Its Application. Click here.
  • Dr. rer. nat. Herlan Darmawan, M.Sc : Volcano Remote Sensing and Hazards Assessment. Click here.
  • Dr. Eko Sulistya, M.Si. : The Use of Sensors, Microcontroller (Arduino), and Data Acquisition System to Build an Integrated Physics Experiment Kit. Click here.
  • Romy Hanang Setya Budhi, S.Si., M,Sc., Ph.D. : Cosmological Aspects of F(R) Gravity TheoryClick here.
  • Dr.rer.nat. Wiwit Suryanto, S.Si., M.Si. : Instrumentation and Computational Geophysics. Click here.
  • Dr. Sudarmaji, M.Si. : Machine Learning for Exploration and Geohazard, Hydrocarbon Exploration Using Passive Seismic and Non Seismic Data, RFID Usage for Deformation MotoringClick here.
  • Prof. Dr. Sismanto, M.Si. : Exploration Geophysics. Click here.
  • Dr. Eng. Rinto Anugraha NQZ, S.Si., M.Si. : Theory and Computation (Sociophysics, Celestial Body Computation, and Relativity Theory)Click here.
  • Sholihun, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D.Sc. : Computational Nanomaterials: From Semiconductors to Low Dimensional Materials (Thermoelectric and Drug/gene-delivery Applications). Click here.
  • Prof. Dr. Harsojo, SU., M.Sc. : Supercapacitor and Battery. Click here.