Kegiatan Pengabdian

Kegiatan PkM KBK FT dan KBK FTK di MGMP Fisika Kabupaten Wonogiri Tahun 2023

To further introduce the tridarma of Higher Education activities held at the Department of Physics FMIPA UGM, to increase the theoretical and experimental competence of physics teachers, and to increase the number of collaborations between institutions, Community Service (PkM) activities were carried out by the Applied Physics Expertise Group (KBK FT) and the Computational Theoretical Physics Expertise Group (KBK FTK) of the Atomic and Core Physics Laboratory of the Department of Physics FMIPA UGM in the Physics MGMP of Wonogiri Regency. PkM activities were carried out on September 1, 2023 in Wonogori, and on September 30, 2023 at the Department of Physics FMIPA UGM. This PkM activity was coordinated by the FT KBK Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Mitrayana, S.Si., M.Si. and the FTK KBK Coordinator, Dr. Dwi Satya Palupi, S.Si., M.Si.

Here are some photos of the activities carried out:

Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat KBK Fisika Teoritik dan Komputasional dan KBK Fisika Terapan

One of the obligations for teaching staff is to carry out community service activities. Mastery of basic science, one of which is physics, is absolutely necessary to support technological development in Indonesia. Meanwhile, teachers are the spearhead of science teaching. Therefore, in 2023, community service activities were carried out in collaboration with MGMP Physics at the SMA / MA / SMK level in Brebes Regency. This activity aims to introduce the current development of physics, as well as discussions about problems related to physics education at the SMA / MA / SMK level.

The preparation stage for this activity was carried out in May-July 2023. In this preparatory stage, the material to be discussed and the time of implementation were discussed. This preparation activity needs to be done so that the material provided is in accordance with the needs of teachers in the Brebes District Physics MGMP and its implementation does not interfere with the duties of teachers and educators in the Theoretical and Computational Physics KBK and Applied Physics KBK.

The first session of service activities was held on October 6, 2023 at SMAN 2 Brebes, Brebes Regency, which was attended by 40 MGMP member teachers, lecturers in the Theoretical and Computational Physics KBK, lecturers in the Applied Physics KBK and Laboran in the Atomic and Core Physics Laboratory. The material provided in this activity is the socialization of the Physics Department's Physics study program, the Nature of Gravity, Engineering technology: Nano physics and its application examples, Renewable Energy: Solar Power Plant Center Model, Physics of Celestial Spheres, as well as demonstrations of practicum tools and simple props. The demonstration of practical tools included a demonstration of sound resonance equipment in the air and diffraction gratings. In this activity, there was also an introduction and application of IoT (Internet of Things) for sensors and control of electrical devices as a basis for learning IT and microcontrollers as well as practice.

The second session is planned to be held on November 4, 2023 at the Department of Physics, FMIPA UGM. In the second session, teachers in the Brebes Physics MGMP will be able to see firsthand the Solar Electricity Center model, as well as conduct experimental activities in the Atomic and Core Physics Laboratory and in the Basic Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics, FMIPA UGM.

Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Lab. Fisika Material dan Instrumentasi “Goes To Madura”

The community service activity is aimed at high school physics teachers who are part of the Physics Teacher Professional Association (MGMP) in Sampang Regency, as well as selected high school students chosen by schools in Sampang Regency. The activity involves visiting and conducting parallel presentations to both teachers and students. For physics teachers, the presented material includes additional insights on new paradigms in physics education based on the latest research findings that are currently highly developed.

The fundamental concepts of physics remain crucial to convey to students. Furthermore, these theories/concepts are supported by the developments in research, particularly those related to materials and material technology. Students are directly presented with the progress of new material research, advanced materials, and their applications that support various fields in life related to food, health, waste management (both liquid and hazardous metals), the use of biogenic materials for bone and tooth restoration and transplantation, and other areas. Equipment demonstrations and simulations that support learning are also included in the Research Results Demo Session. Some examples of demonstrations include: E-nose, Electronics seven-segment experiment set, Energy Gap measurement with portable UV-Vis, Water Rocket, and others.

The supporting activity in Sumenep included a meeting with the Alumni Family of Gadjah Mada University (KAGAMA) at the Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA) of Sumenep Regency. This activity served as a gathering for camaraderie and a platform for sharing experiences related to the professional world for UGM alumni working in various fields in Sumenep Regency. Discussions revolved around the alignment of the materials learned during their studies, experiences at the university, and the soft skills they possess with the challenges in the professional world. Suggestions were also conveyed to UGM, especially the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), urging them to provide opportunities for accessing UGM services to the fullest extent based on the learnings and experiences during their studies at UGM.

The video of the activity can be accessed through the following link: