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Education Background

Undergraduate, Fisika /MIPA, UGM, Indonesia, / – Present Thesis : Geophysics Survey by Induced Polarization Over The Sulfide Mineral in Krajan, Kasihan Area, Tegalombo, Pacitan, East Java

Master, Fisika /MIPA, UGM, Indonesia, / – Present Thesis : Three Component Seismic Measurement and Polarization Analysis of Seismic Event at Mt. Merapi During The 1992 Lava Doming

Doctor, Physical Geodesy, Darmstadt University, Germany, 01/2000 – 11/2002 Thesis : Modeling of Gravity Changes on Merapi Volcano Observed between 1997-2000

Research Interest

Geophysics, Inversion, Geodynamics

Research Cluster/Group

Food and Nutrition Technology



Bank Dunia (QUE Project), PS. Geofisika FMIPA-UGM, 1999

KPS, Pertamina, 1991

Work Experience

Anggota Monitoring Evaluasi Internal (Monevin), 01/2004 – Present, UGM

Staf Pendidik/Dosen, 03/1990 – Present, Fakultas MIPA UGM

Sekretaris Jurusan Fisika, 03/2003 – Present, FMIPA UGM

Ketua, 11/2004 – 11/2006, HAGI Komwil Yogyakarta

Auditor, 01/2003 – Present, UGM

Trainee in Training and Course

Trainner in Training

Participant in Scientific Activities

Nice, , EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly,, 04/2003

Sapporo, IUGG, 06/2003

HAGI , PIT HAGI XXIX, Yogyakarta, 5-7 Oktober 2004, 10/2004

Yogyakarta, Seminar Nasional Fisika , /2005

HAGI , Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan XXXIV HAGI, 11/2009

Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA), 32nd Annual IPA Convention & Exibition, 05/2008

Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA), 33nd Annual IPA Convention & Exibition, 05/2009

Society Membership

HAGI (Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia), National, 1991

SEG , International, 2006

Himpunan Fisika Indonesia (HFI), National, 1992

Course Subject

Geodynamics, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Gravitational Method Experiment, 1 credit(s), Undergraduate

Geophysics Workshop, 2 credit(s), Undergraduate

Electricity and Magnetism, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Gravitational Method, 2 credit(s), Undergraduate

Geophysics Inversion, 2 credit(s), Master

Inverse Methods, 3 credit(s), Doctor

Geophysics Inversion, 3 credit(s), Doctor

Research Grant

RUT I – DRN, Ministry of Research and Technology , Recent Crustal Movements at the Sunda Strait, /1993 – Present

RUT II – DRN, Ministry of Research and Technology, Maximum Risks of the Merapi Volcano Eruption, /1994 – Present

RUT V- DRN, Ministry of Research and Technology, , Energy Resources of the Merapi Volcano, /1997 – Present

Community Service

Industrial Project