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Education Background

Unknown, , Kyushu University, Japan, 10/2008 – 09/2010 Thesis : Research on Dissipative Structures by Defects and Response

Doctor, Nonlinear Physics, Kyushu University, Japan, 10/2005 – 09/2008 Thesis : New Type of Order-Disorder Transition in Soft-Mode Turbulence of Electroconvection of Nematics

Master, Fisika FMIPA, UGM, Indonesia, 09/1997 – 08/2001 Thesis : Renormalisasi dan Regularisasi Dimensi dalam Teori Medan Kuantum

Undergraduate, Fisika FMIPA, UGM, Indonesia, 08/1992 – 02/1997 Thesis : Teori Relativitas Umum Einstein dan Aplikasinya pada Model Standar Alam Semesta pada Keadaan Awal, Sekarang dan Masa Depan

Research Interest

Nonlinear Physics and Complex Systems (Fisika Non-Linear dan Sistem Kompleks), Sociophysics (Fisika Sosial), Celestial Mechanics (Ilmu Hisab)

Research Cluster/Group

Computational Physics



JSPS (Post Doctoral Research), The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), 2008

Monbukagakusho, Japan Goverment, 2005

URGE, Pemerintah Indonesia, 1997

Work Experience

Lecturer of Physics Department, 03/1998 – Present, FMIPA UGM

Trainee in Training and Course

Trainner in Training

Participant in Scientific Activities

Jakarta indonesia, Conference of Computational, computing and nonlinear sciences, 12/2008

Hokkaido Japan, JPS Meeting, 09/2007

Kagoshima Japan, JPS Meeting, 03/2007

Society Membership

Japan Physical Society, International, 2008

American Physical Society, International, 2009

Course Subject

Elektrodinamika, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Teori Relativitas, 2 credit(s), Undergraduate

Matematika Fisika III, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Kapita Selekta Fisika Material, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Mekanika Benda Langit, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Elektrodinamika, 3 credit(s), Master

Pengantar Mekanika Klasik, 3 credit(s), Master

Fisika Matematik, 3 credit(s), Master

Fisika Non-Linear, 3 credit(s), Master

Komputasi Mekanika Benda Langit, 2 credit(s), Master

Research Grant

Community Service

Industrial Project