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Education Background

Undergraduate, Physics, UGM, Indonesia, 01/1967 – 04/1975 Thesis : Mathematical and Physical Model of an Open Channel Drainage System

Doctor, Physics, FMIPA, UGM, Indonesia, 04/1985 – 04/1990 Thesis : Analysis of Volcanic Tremor at the Merapi Volcano in orfder to understand its Internal Magma Flow

Research Interest

Physical Volcanology, Gravity and Magnetic Methods, Seismic Hazards Analysis

Research Cluster/Group

Food and Nutrition Technology



Ikatan Dinas PTIP, Diknas, 1973

LPD (Lembaga Pendidikan Doktor), Dikti, 1985

Work Experience

Lecture in Physics and Geophysics , 12/1974 – Present, FMIPA UGM

Physics Dept. Chairman , 03/1993 – 03/1998, FMIPA UGM

Executive Director QUE Project, 02/1998 – 02/2003, Geophysics Study Program, Physics Dept. FMIPA UGM

Chairman of Geophysics Study Program , 03/2001 – 03/2010, FMIPA-UGM

Staff member of Research Disaster Center , 01/2001 – 12/2010, PSBA UGM

Head of Quality Assurance Office , 01/2008 – Present, KJM (Kantor Jaminan Mutu) UGM

Staff member of Quality Assurance Office , 01/2001 – Present, KJM UGM

Member of Academic Senate UGM, 07/2001 – 07/2007, UGM

Chairman of Academic Senate , 05/2004 – 05/2008, FMIPA-UGM

Member of Academic Senate , 10/2009 – Present, FMIPA-UGM

Member of Academic Senate UGM, 05/2001 – 05/2008, FMIPA UGM

Technical Assistance, SPMU-TPSDP at Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) Bandung., 08/2004 – 08/2004, UGM

Technical Assistance on Competency Based Curriculum,, 08/2004 – 08/2004, SP4 University of Bengkulu (UNIB)

Trainee in Training and Course

UGM, Penataran program pendekatan terapan, 06/1991

Trainner in Training

Participant in Scientific Activities

HAGI, Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan ke 34, 11/2009

IAVCEI , IAVCEI General Assembly, Bali , 07/2000

Mainz, Germany, International Congress IAVCEI, , 09/1991

HAGI, XVII Annual Meeting of HAGI (Indonesian Association of Geophysicists), 10/1992

Direktorat Vulkanologi Yogyakarta, Merapi Decade Volcano International Workshop, 10/1995

HAGI, XXIII Annual Meeting of HAGI, 10/1998

HAGI, XXII Annual Scientific Meeting of the HAGI, 10/1997

HAGI, Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan XXIV HAGI, Surabaya , 10/1999

HAGI, HAGI XXV Annual Scientific Meeting, Bandung , 10/2000

HAGI, XVI HAGI Annual Convention, Bandung, 10/1991

Puslitbang Geoteknologi LIPI, Ekspose Hasil Penelitian Puslitbang Geoteknologi LIPI Th. 1991/1992, 03/1992

HAGI & IAGI, 30th HAGI and 34th IAGI Annual Convention Joint Conference, 11/2005

Society Membership

Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia (HAGI), National, 1975

Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) , International, 2004

Himpunan Fisika Indonesia, National, 1975

Course Subject

Basic Physics I, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Introduction to Geophysics, 2 credit(s), Undergraduate

Computation Methods in Geophysics, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Fluid Mechanics in Geophysics, 3 credit(s), Undergraduate

Physics of the Earth, 3 credit(s), Master

Potential Field Theory, 3 credit(s), Master

Non Electomagnetics Geophysical Survey, 3 credit(s), Master

Advanced Physical Volcanology, 3 credit(s), Doctor

Seismic Hazard Analysis, 3 credit(s), Doctor

Interaksi Elektromagnetik, 2 credit(s), Doctor

Gunungapi Fisika, 3 credit(s), Doctor

Deformasi dan Gravitasi, 3 credit(s), Doctor

Research Grant

DRN Ministry Reseach and Technologi, Recent Crustal Movements at the Sunda Strait, National Research Board , /1993 – Present

DRN, Ministry of Research and Technology, , Maximum Risks of the Merapi Volcano Eruption, National Research Board , /1994 – Present

DRN, Ministry of Research and Technology, , Energy Resources of the Merapi Volcano, , /1997 – Present

Community Service

Industrial Project